• Wolfram Demonstrations

    Since the very beginning at my University training I have been intensively using Wolfram Mathematica. It is a fundamental tool for solving any high level mathematical problem and a powerful tool for visualization. Among other many powerful features, are the demonstrations, where you can create interactive renderings as shown in the examples below.

  • Optimal Gmail IMAP Settings

    I am writing this post as I have spend most of the day trying to setup Mavericks Mail to work with Gmail properly. I have been using OSX with Gmail for a long time now, but recently I noticed on my MacBook Air was consuming too much CPU at times and my iMac was getting unresponsive too as I could hear the hard disk constantly spinning. I noticed after some time that it happened while syncing with gmail servers.

  • Developer Tools

    I have worked on all three major platforms, Windows, then Linux for some years and finally Mac. I do on my mac my daily coding and wanted to list the software on which I rely daily.

    If you are new to web development, I usually recommend tizag.gom which is where I started learning most of my php skills.

    I hope this list is useful to any fellow coders newcomers to the Mac